Before and after
Before and after

What is venue decor?

Mood Lighting, Special Effects, Head Table Backdrops, Full Room Drapery, Starcloths, Confetti & Dry Ice, Illuminated LOVE letters, Unique lighting Systems, Illuminated Cocktail Tables, Pin-Spot illumination of your tables or Wedding Cake and lots more options to dress your function room and create a fabulous atmosphere.

Transform your venue and wow your guests!

It is incredible how much our venue decor and lighting systems can enhance your wedding and put that wow factor into your special day

Amazing Prices! – Cheaper elsewhere – Let us know…

Not only are some of our effects industry leading, and unique to Equinox-Storm, we also offer extremely competitive pricing.

How does our Decor service work?

It’s as easy as one, two, three!

1. We charge a fixed £99.00 labour fee. This includes £10M PLI Insurance and PAT certification that your venue will require.

2. You add a mileage & travel time fee of either £20, £40 or £60 dependent upon which county your venue is located within.

3. You then select what options you would like and start to build your package to meet your vision, budget and colour theme.

Before and After
Elegance Lighting Package

Guaranteed to enhance the natural beauty of your function room and add a touch of class to your event.


A combination of our decor options can really transform your venue and enhance your atmosphere.

Uplighter Package



This package deal includes 24 mood lights. These can be used inside or outside or a combination of both. We will install them for you and set them on a colour of your choice. The battery will last up to 8 hours.

The Lights are floor mounted, small, discreet, child friendly -no heat LEDS, painted white for function room aesthetics.

Venue Alive EXTREME - External Mood Lighting



Light the outside of your venue in an array of stunning colours… Create the wow factor and impress your guests.

Astro Ceiling



Create a stunning LED mirrorball effect on the ceiling above your dancefloor or across your entire function room or marquee. Great for creating a romantic atmosphere at a Wedding Reception. Looks amazing for the 1st Dance & throughout the evening… Larger venues may require 4 -8 units for total coverage.

Water Projectors



Our new water ripple lighting projectors create a realistic moving water effect when positioned on any bright coloured surface such as the white walls of a marquee. This unit can run throughout the length of your disco creating an amazing special effect or used in conjunction with our Fire projectors why not have a Fire and Ice theme as a chill out area for your guests; how cool is that!

Venue Alive - Indoor Mood Lighting System


Visit our studio to see a demonstration of this system.

Whether your venue is traditional or modern our digitally controlled LED lighting will as the name suggests; bring YOUR venue ALIVE!

These individual lighting units can be positioned as pictured to light balconies, statues, fireplaces, pictures or walls.

Their application is endless. This technology will allow us to quickly change the appearance of your venue in a cost effective manner. Great, if you have a colour theme!

When the party gets going the lights can change colour to the beat of the music and create an amazing atmosphere at your function. Choose up to 2 meter spacing between each lighting fixture to create the look that you prefer and to fit your budget…

Simply measure what area you would like covered, decide upon the spacing between the fixtures and you can work out how many fixtures you will need and how much it will cost.

Pin Spot Illumination of the Wedding cake



Show off your Wedding Cake by elegantly lighting the cake table and the cake itself!

Pin-Spot Table Illumination



Spot light each of your tables during the wedding  breakfast and evening reception in a colour of your choice…

Dim the lights in your function room and allow the Pin Spots to illuminate your tables; adding style & elegance to your reception…

Completely wireless and discreet, the spot lights are battery powered and will last up to 10 hours…

Please Note – Long Head Tables may require 2 or 3 lights. Round tables will only require 1 light.

3 Metre Star Cloth



This is a true wow factor and is worth every penny especially when used with our venue power panels.

Note to clients that have booked the Disco Package: This 3 meter star cloth is already included in your package free of charge, but you can upgrade to a 6 meter or 9 meter star cloth if you wish.

elegance lighting package


£699 all-inclusive


Our NEW Elegance Lighting Package is guaranteed to enhance the natural beauty of your function room and add a touch of class to your event.
This package consists of 24 professional grade uplighters angled to enhance all of the best architectural features of your room and provide a warm, but crisp ambience.
We will add 12 table pin spots to illuminate your table centres in soft white light adding an upmarket sophisticated feel to your room and our digital mirrorball effect providing gentle white light movement across the whole dining room.
This package will surpass your expectations by delivering a stylish addition or alternative to your venue dressing.

Putteridge Bury Head Table White Twinkle Skirt & Swag for 6 Meter Wide Head Table

White Twinkle Head Table Skirt

Only £150


Transform the look of your Head Table with our White Twinkle table skirt designed specifically for 6 meter wide head tables (capable of seating 6-10 people)
Our table skirt will simply clip to the edge of your head table and wrap around both sides.
We can switch on the LED twinkles or you can choose to leave them switched off – the choice is yours!

Dry Ice



Just as seen on TV! You can ‘dance on a cloud’ for your first dance. Unlike most disco companies, we use Dry Ice. This is the real deal, chilled at  -78.6°C our fog will hug the dance floor and will not rise above your knees! This effect looks absolutely amazing and will not affect any venues smoke detectors!! Creates a fabulous 1st dance picture.

Illuminated LOVE Letters



A great addition to your Wedding, our Illuminated LOVE letters stand at either one foot tall or four foot tall. They can be illuminated in your colour theme or multiple colours and are priced very competitively at just £199.

*All of our letters are indoor use only*

Fire Projectors



Our new flame lighting projectors create a realistic flame effect when positioned on any bright coloured surface such as the white walls of a marquee or the bar area. This special effect can run throughout the length of your disco to create a visual inferno on your dance floor or used in conjunction with our Water projectors why not have a Fire and Ice theme as a chill out area for your guests; how cool is that!

Logo Projector



The Logo Projector can project the names of the Bride & Groom, your initials, wedding date and/or graphics (see pictures). You can select your design from an extensive collection to produce a custom gobo for Equinox-Storm to project your chosen image onto the dance floor, ceiling or wall of your venue. The projection can be static or can slowly rotate. Each unit can project only one logo or message at a time. Personalise your function! Have your name in lights!! A real classy touch for your celebration.

+ additional charge for manufacture of your customised gobo

All of our Gobo’s are manufactured by GoboSource

Venue Power Panels – Equalizer Backdrop



Fixed to a trussing support frame these impressive high powered, superbright LED panels act as a backdrop to your DJ to create an upmarket feel to your celebration. Earlier on in the day/evening they can be set as a fixed mood lighting feature (great if you have got a colour theme) and then when the party gets going they can become a syncronised bargraph/equalizer type lightshow. Your guests will be talking about these for months…..

Visit our studio for a demonstration!.

Modern & Impressive, You won’t be disappointed!

We would recommend positioning 8 of these panels in front of a 6 meter starcloth; the result is visually stunning! Without doubt, the Venue Power Panels will create a fantastic backdrop to your disco that will take your celebration to a new dimension. On a budget?? Then why not put 6 Panels on your 3 meter starcloth included in your package! You Decide!!

NightClub 360 Package



If you are looking for a true nightclub feel to your function then this is the ultimate upgrade option for you!

Standing on Aluminium Trussing podiums (uplit to match your colour theme) & using ultra smooth, micro stepping motors our 4 Professional moving heads literally Pan 540° and Tilt a further 270° putting everybody on YOUR dance floor in 360° club style action.

Fully controlled by our road crew team, our moving heads have the capability to help create a nightclub atmosphere using some of the latest technology.
These power packed lights will project 14 shapes and patterns and come equipped with the new gobo shaking effect. Used in conjunction with our haze machine that is already included in your all-inclusive package this upgrade is sure to wow your guests….

6 Metre Star Cloth



This is a true wow factor and is worth every penny especially when used with our venue power panels.

9 Metre Star Cloth



This is a true wow factor and is worth every penny especially when used with our venue power panels.

Light Fusion Show

Light Fusion Show

NOW only £299!


The Light Fusion Show consists of 20 LED free standing perspex tubes. A striking NEW effect that can be used as dazzling tabletop centerpieces, outlining aisles, full room light shows and more, the Light Fusion Show will add pizazz to any event… Visit our studio for a demonstration… Was £399 LIMITED OFFER: NOW only £299!

Putteridge Bury Black Twinkle

Black Twinkle Wall Drapes

Full Room From £1250 (pending survey)


WOW! Our Black Twinkle Wall Drapes really will impress your guests – complete room transformation, amazing look and feel – great atmosphere.
Choose with or without the ‘Y’ shaped white voile overlays… Free standing so no damage to your venue. 3 meters tall.

Illuminated Cocktail Tables



The tables look great as part of the evening reception furniture and can be illuminated in your colour theme or a mixture of colours…

Not only do they look stunning and add a new dimension to your evening reception, but you will find that your guests will gather round them to have conversations and use them as a convenient place to put their drinks…

We would recommend about 6 tables to create an impact, but you can have as many or as few as you wish….

Silk Flames – Match Your Colour Theme!!



Standing at 1.5meters tall our stunning Silk Flame effects will create a sophisticated atmosphere throughout the evening. The Flames can be programmed to match your colour theme and will look great at the entrance to your party, on stage with your DJ or either side of a feature or maybe the buffet table? Usually only seen on TV, now you can have these amazing effects at your function.

Confetti Cannon



Our Professional compressed air charged cannons will silently disperse a striking aerial effect of ‘slow fall‘ confetti over your dance floor. This is an amazing effect when fired at exactly the right time to create a perfect moment. See our website for our confetti options. Match YOUR colour theme!

Oscar Style Entrance



Why not create an Oscar Style entrance using our drapery & slik flames – Transform your function room beyond recognition- stunning!

Dynamic Drapery

From £23


Why not run our drapery all around your function room. Each unit purchased will cover 1 meter in width. Measure the length of the area you would like draped to calculate how much it will cost you. Our Drapery is the most impactive and cost effective in the UK. Our guarantee is that we won’t be beaten on price. There are many combinations depending upon the look you prefer, maybe all White with swags or Black with White champagne glass shaped voiles – the choice is yours…

Maximum height of drapery is 3 metres tall. £23 per meter

White Twinkle - Head Table Backdrop

6 Meter - £350
12 Meter - £475
18 Meter - £600


Enquire about our amazing NEW White Twinkle Head Table Backdrop. Add a touch of class to your Head Table creating a stunning focal point and picture perfect backdrop.

The backdrop can run either 6 meters or 12 meters wide and up to 3 meters tall.


Why not use our White Twinkle backdrop to make a Feature wall – truly stunning!

Cover an entire wall end to end up to 18 meters wide!

Snow Machine



Mesmerise your guests with our new snow machines that are controlled by our roadcrew team to generate anything from a slow picturesque snowfall to an Ibiza foam party on your dancefloor.

Vertical Mist Machine



Our vertical mist machines are guaranteed to give you that X Factor CO2 gas effect look, providing a true wow factor for your guests adding a new dimension to the dance floor later on in the evening…. Our mist machines will simultaneously launch fog in a vertical jet up to 15 feet in the air. The fog will then disperse and help to enhance your lightshow.

Animated Laser Show



Bring this stunning Up Market Night Club effect to your celebration…

Animations include amongst many others a walking cat, running dinosaur, galloping horse, dancing Aztec character and a flying bird. The aerial patterns beamed through the air include circles, waves and flat lines. A real show stopper!

Our Animated Laser Show will amaze you & your guests.

Cake Display Table

Wedding Cake Display Table



Lots of our clients have asked if we have a solution to present and light their Wedding Cake. Some venues do not provide a table and nearly all of them will not dress the table with drapes. No venues provide lighting for your cake.

So, this is what we have come up with!

See our NEW Wedding Cake Table available for hire.

Supplied exactly as seen:

• Circular Table
• White Linen Table Cloth
• White Surround Drapes and Swags
• 3 Pin Spots to Illuminate your Wedding Cake

You can add this onto your package NOW for only £75