Fixed to a trussing support frame these impressive high powered, superbright LED panels act as a backdrop to your DJ to create an upmarket feel to your celebration. Earlier on in the day/evening they can be set as a fixed mood lighting feature (great if you have got a colour theme) and then when the party gets going they can become a syncronised bargraph/equalizer type lightshow. Your guests will be talking about these for months…..

Visit our studio for a demonstration!.

Modern & Impressive, You won’t be disappointed!

£40 per panel.

We would recommend positioning 8 of these panels in front of a 6 meter starcloth; the result is visually stunning! Without doubt, the Venue Power Panels will create a fantastic backdrop to your disco that will take your celebration to a new dimension. On a budget?? Then why not put 6 Panels on your 3 meter starcloth included in your package! You Decide!!